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06-3-2022 07:59:33  #271

Re: Your Ebay watch list

I have the opportunity to buy a wide carriage 1974 SM9. Its immaculate but most importantly it has the "crinkle paint" finish that I like so much, most other SM9s having a smooth glossy paint job. IDK tho, are these later versions considered lower quality then the previous generations? 

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08-3-2022 10:32:42  #272

Re: Your Ebay watch list

I was watching a 10k Hermes 3000 in Hangul, I have no intention of paying out nearly that much.

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09-3-2022 14:08:02  #273

Re: Your Ebay watch list

There's a seller on ebay who's been auctioning off what sort of looks like Hammond shuttles over the last few weeks. Are they? My only knowledge on this is what I can find via google.

Auction: Typewriter Spare Shuttle Plate Hammond ? | eBay

On one hand: they look like Hammond shuttles and have the letters in the right places.

On the other: the typeface numbers are in the center and don't match up with the Hammond typeface book on TWDB. Also, they're silver not black, unlike most of what I've seen online (I don't have a Hammond, yet).


12-3-2022 12:12:03  #274

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Fun looking, nice Olympia Monica offered on Etsy out of Spain.  Big asking price, though.

Has cursive script, as well.

Seller indicates the key-top colors are original and they added the same color to the platen knobs and function levers.  I assume the case lid was repainted, too.

Makes me smile just to look over the photos...but way out of my pay-scale for a purchase.


12-3-2022 12:56:34  #275

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Learned watchmaker and office machine enthusiast from Germany.


12-3-2022 14:51:18  #276

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Thanks, Gerd...

Any idea which country they were manufactured ?

The machine of Etsy seems a bit different in that it has the bottom pan of dark grey color and the space bar and shift keys are dark grey as well.

Too bad you report they are poorly made.

I was all ready to offer you a "commission" to buy one for me and mail it to my home in the USA.


12-3-2022 16:00:03  #277

Re: Your Ebay watch list

I coulnt tell you where they were made, on the pictures I found it diddnt seem to be written anywhere on the machine itself. While they are considerably lower quality then their earlier SM counterparts they are still very much usable machines. 

Talking about fun; I recently saw this, an entirely cyan Erika 10 re branded "Ursula":

Hard to tell from the small pictures but seems to be in very nice condition. 

As far as other "fun" typewriters are concerned, I always found Olivetti designs to be quite fun.

The Olympia Traveller also came in quite a few colors. This one is quite similar:

Learned watchmaker and office machine enthusiast from Germany.


12-3-2022 19:33:59  #278

Re: Your Ebay watch list


The Olympia Monicas in the vibrant colors have tags that say "Made In United Kingdom"...on some of the photo galleries on the TWDB web site.  (See sample photo, below.)

I have a nice 1971 Olympia Traveller that I did a bit of a color-change upon.  It's a color (called Pistachio here in the States) that I love and it is very soothing when my little machine is in front of me waiting for my fingers to put things down on paper.


12-3-2022 19:36:44  #279

Re: Your Ebay watch list

I did a similar re-paint on my 1974 Olympia SGE-35...but for that machine I had an "extra" upper cowling to use and still have the original/color as well.


12-3-2022 20:03:48  #280

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Well, dang. Not only did I miss out on a multiplex on ebay today, but the winner of that auction swept all the shuttles I mentioned above.

That Ursula that Maschinegreshieben linked to is pretty cool, aber mein Deutsch is nicht gut. 

Time to step away from the digital keyboard...


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