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22-3-2022 14:28:02  #281

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Anyone looking for a SG3 near Richland WA ?

Cannot beat the price. $ 15 USD.

(No affiliations with this sale...)


22-3-2022 18:52:55  #282

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Anyone watching the Breker auction?  Got my eye on two Williams Typewriters I'd love to have.  Just can't swing the cash this time around.  

Typewriter Service Tech (and avid nerd)

26-3-2022 10:43:16  #283

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Looks like one of those cases with the fold-out tripod is up on ebay. Includes an Underwood typewriter, too.

Vintage UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER Champion w/ Case/Flip Out Portable desk | eBay



28-3-2022 12:27:32  #284

Re: Your Ebay watch list

A Halda P parts-machine is running on Shop Goowwill...if anyone is needing one.

It even has 1 of 2 special Halda ribbon spools.


26-4-2022 11:28:35  #285

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Looks like a very decent Olympia SM9 with wider carriage on FaceBook Marketplace this week.  Nice conditioned case as well.

Discounted to $ 40 USD only.  Local pick up in Burley Idaho (east of Twin Falls).

No affiliation with this sale...


01-5-2022 13:38:07  #286

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Nice conditioned IBM Electric...on FaceBook Marketplace.

Only $ 25.  Seller says every thing works, just needs a new ribbon.

Located in Ogden Utah - USA.

(Not affiliated with the sale.)


11-6-2022 13:54:48  #287

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Halda P running on eBay this week if anyone is looking for the "other" color scheme of which the Model P was offered.

Not a bargain price...but decent if you keep an eye out on Halda P pricing.

(No affiliations with this eBay offering...)



11-6-2022 14:01:43  #288

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Importantly...this Halda P still has its 2 Halda metal ribbon spools.


15-7-2022 17:40:32  #289

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Pretty nice Tower Quiet Tab running on eBay for a decent BIN price of $ 45 plus S&H.

Seller's description of the "issues" indicated a segment cleaning and/or maybe the line-lock mechanism needs a bit of adjustment if it is not releasing.

And the case fabric needs a bit of a re-glue here and there.

(No affiliation...and if you buy will put me out of my misery... lol )


16-7-2022 07:19:11  #290

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Same here...two is Silent Super and one Tower Presidential.

I have exercised some self-control by not having the auction on my watch-list and not on a book-mark, either.


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