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12-6-2015 16:49:01  #31

Re: Your Ebay watch list

The listing says it was spray painted for their wedding.  The paint is pretty bad...


12-6-2015 17:07:15  #32

Re: Your Ebay watch list

It is awful! Sort of screamingly bad.


12-6-2015 19:26:02  #33

Re: Your Ebay watch list

That pink Olympia looks like an awful lot of FUN. I just checked the listing - it's still at £1.04. I wonder how much it would cost to have it sandblasted. It could look really neat as bare metal.



13-6-2015 06:43:09  #34

Re: Your Ebay watch list

It's at £5.50 now. Are any of you bidding on it? It's in London, so I could just go get it. I've had my eye on it for a couple of days, but ultimately it might just be too depressing - and is it going to actually go for real money??

The postage they're charging won't even cover MyHermes, which is the cheaest and the one that's been filmed throwing boxes into vans. 


13-6-2015 06:52:51  #35

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Kat, I'm not going to bid for it Though I like a challenge, that one just looks too much for me at the moment.


13-6-2015 10:25:10  #36

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Heh. Well, I think a fiver was almost my top. I'll see what happens to it. In the meantime I have an actually quite nice, if pleasingly beat-up, Optima arriving soon - it could be like the Island of Misfit Toys... ;)

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13-6-2015 10:28:37  #37

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Mwanwhile, an actually quite lovely SM7 in that nice pink that Olympia did just went for only £26. I was dithering... and don't really have the money... that was probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I am kind of hankering after an SM7 for some reason.


13-6-2015 10:40:39  #38

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Reminds me of the never-used Lettera 32 I didn't bid on last year. It was in Cambridge, and I could have collected it...


14-6-2015 07:18:00  #39

Re: Your Ebay watch list

The Ones That Got Away...

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14-6-2015 14:52:29  #40

Re: Your Ebay watch list

Well, it went for £17! People never cease to amaze me. At least I'm spared having to keep a straight face while meeting the person who did that to it...

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