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14-4-2013 15:35:02  #1

A grey Adler

Found a picture of this Adler on-line.

Not sure how to describe my feelings for it. On one hand, I think it looks fantastic; on the other, it scares me to death. It has to be the most forbidding machine I've ever seen in my life.

Any ideas on make or model?

So many great typer; so little room...


14-4-2013 16:46:21  #2

Re: A grey Adler

What's so forbidding about it? 

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14-4-2013 17:40:24  #3

Re: A grey Adler

Well, it's a gut reaction, so if you're not seeing it, I'm not sure I can describe it, but...

The stark grey and white colour scheme; the regimented design; the utilitarian layout...

This is one no-nonsense typewriter.

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