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02-11-2016 12:05:03  #1

Typewriter Theme Wax Seals

I know a number of TT members use their machines for correspondence, so when I came across these wax seals that use a typewriter typeface, I thought 'this would be the perfect way to finish off a typed letter.' I've ordered inks and pens several times from Jet Pens in the past and will probably include one of these the next time I order something.


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06-11-2016 17:50:05  #2

Re: Typewriter Theme Wax Seals

Can one get sealing wax from an office supply anymore?  I've had mail sealed this way recently, and I have wondered where they got their sealing wax, plus the little "stamps" they use.  Maybe it's something that came back because it looks so classy.

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06-11-2016 20:31:18  #3

Re: Typewriter Theme Wax Seals

Greetings All

If memory serves me correctly, believe I've seen sealing wax in the scrapbooking department of the larger craft stores like Michaels up here in Canada or Hobby Lobby down south of the 49th parallel.

When I was just a youngster and my dad would talk about sealing wax, I thought he was talking about ceiling wax and wondered why you'd need wax for the ceiling. All the best,



06-11-2016 20:45:16  #4

Re: Typewriter Theme Wax Seals

Not sure about that one.  Just a wild guess, mind you, but maybe it was once a temporary fix for water leaks when it rained?

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