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22-11-2017 04:29:57  #1

Pelikan branded silk/seide ribbons

Hi all,
I would  be interested in opinions on these. The one I have seen is made in China (not that that is a bad thing, just to identify). 


22-11-2017 16:56:02  #2

Re: Pelikan branded silk/seide ribbons

Yes, those that I have also are "made in China".


I've ordered these from the German Amazon website. The experience I've had with them is generally good, but they have one major deficiency. When new, they're very inky. They leave slurs on the paper. After some days of typing this goes away however and then you have really nice, full black letters.

There are also alternative ribbons offered under the Pelikan brand that are made from Nylon (I have exactly no idea if this is a valid English term). These don't leave slurs, but aren't nearly as inky; the imprint left by these is more greyish than black.

I assume that every remaining commercial seller of ribbons produces them in China. It's sad in a way, but still better as if there weren't any ribbons available anymore. I've read about trying to manufacture them oneself, but Mr. Polt claims in his "Typewriter Revolution" that this is based on re-inking existing ribbons and produces results of inferior quality. I've not tried myself, though.


22-11-2017 17:43:37  #3

Re: Pelikan branded silk/seide ribbons

Hi Sirius,
thanks for your review.  I have ordered one anyway and yes I also saw the nylon ones but having read that silk ribbons are generally longer lasting and superior I thought better to pay a bit more.
Best Regards,

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22-11-2017 18:11:46  #4

Re: Pelikan branded silk/seide ribbons

sirius wrote:

I assume that every remaining commercial seller of ribbons produces them in China

They are not all made in China. Fine Line, Porelon, General Ribbon Corp, and Baco are some of the US manufacturers. NuKote is a US company as well, though I don't know if where they make them. I think Kores is an international company headquartered in Austria, but I also don't know where they make it. There are others, those are just some examples.


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