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09-1-2018 13:48:00  #1

Fabricating Typewriter keys

I have been struggling to find solutions to the keychopping issue.  Any ideas on how to fabricate those odd chrome keyrings? 


That's what I've got so far, it was a sloppy first attempt, but I am trying again with a handful of new methods.  Cutting the glass is time consuming, and machining a key top would be worse.  Any other things that might work?  Inverse Grommetts?  I have a friend who wants to use typewriter keys in a steampunk project, and I won't let him cut up old machines, so I've been redoubling my efforts to find a solution.

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09-1-2018 16:07:57  #3

Re: Fabricating Typewriter keys

Fleetwing wrote:

Replicas are out there:

Sure there's replicas, but they're not terribly convincing.  Else I would think I'd see a slight decline in the amount of people cutting off real keys.

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09-1-2018 16:15:51  #4

Re: Fabricating Typewriter keys

Well, does your friend "need" the real McCoy or will these work for his purposes? I think I saw someone use the fakes for actually replacing missing keys (with some modification, like removing the loop to attach them to a bracelet).


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