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24-2-2018 18:32:17  #1

Best ribbon supplier

Where does everyone buy their ribbons from? I saw a youtube video where a person actually bought ribbon in bulk but I haven't found it. I always respool on to original spools anyway, so bulk might be the way to go. Thanks for the info!


25-2-2018 12:19:42  #2

Re: Best ribbon supplier

Baco Ribbon sells bulk reels. They don't have a website, so you have to call or email. With a bulk reel, you will have to punch your own eyelets, though--if your machines need them for the ribbon reverse.


25-2-2018 15:11:34  #3

Re: Best ribbon supplier

OP, by mentioning your geographical location in the world you'll probably end up with the most convenient sources. Also, when it comes to buying bulk ribbon, keep in mind that you will need to use a LOT of ribbon before that option begins to make any sense.

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25-2-2018 15:30:21  #4

Re: Best ribbon supplier

I live in Connecticut. Right now, I typically buy universal ribbon from amazon and respool onto the original spools. Seemed like a wasteful and expensive way to get ribbon. I was hoping there was an easier/cheaper way. Thank you!

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25-2-2018 15:46:18  #5

Re: Best ribbon supplier

Hi Jeff

​Knowing you are in CT, the US suppliers will probably work best for you. I bought a 1 km roll of bulk blue ribbon from Baco a few years ago, still have over ½ the roll left. I always load the typewriters I'm selling or giving away with this blue ribbon. As for the YouTube video, look for TypewriterJustice. Charles has a whole lot of videos regarding typewriter care and related subjects, but I don't see the one about loading spools from bulk rolls at the moment. Charles also has an eBay page of the same name, you may have better luck contacting him through eBay. All the best,



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