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09-3-2018 19:30:57  #1

Interdental Brushes

So I found these things in the toothbrush aisle called Interdental brushes. They look like little test tube brushes with a handle. 16 come in a pack for $4. The brush fits perfectly in the segment slots. I just tried one out on my clipper that has recurrent sticky keys. A little bit of cleaner and these brushes and all sorts of crud came out! I'm very excited, I've never seen them before and I think they can do some real scrubbing in there. I'm going to buy a bunch just in case they stop making them.


09-3-2018 23:19:52  #2

Re: Interdental Brushes

Hi Jeff

​Those along with cotton pipe cleaners from a tobacconist work really well for cleaning the slots in the segment. The fuzz on the synthetic pipe cleaners from the hobby and craft store tends to dissolve with some of the more potent cleaners like toluene and lacquer thinner. All the best,



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