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17-2-2017 21:24:06  #1

WTB: Arabic Typewriter

I am looking for an Arabic typewriter to use for an artist's book project. I would like to buy one, but the only ones I see for sale are terribly expensive. If you live near Ottawa, ON and could see your way to  loaning me an Arabic typewriter for a couple of days I would be most appreciative. I already have French, Cyrillic, German, and Norwegian machines. The name of the book is The Language of Prayer, and I am typing the text of prayers in different languages. Thank you.


18-2-2017 20:10:46  #2

Re: WTB: Arabic Typewriter

What's your budget? I have a Farsi typewriter which I believe is the same alphabet as is used for Arabic. I'm in Toronto. 

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