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19-2-2017 23:37:17  #1

Wooden spacebar?

So, I'm refinishing a few different typewriters at present (Smith Premier No. 4, Remington 10, Remington 12) that have wooden spacebars. In some cases, the black paint had worn off in places, in others, the black paint rubbed off in cleaning, in still others, the black veneer chipped off. In each case, though, I'm faced with a spacebar that could either be re-painted black, or left in wood tone (or even stained and varnished). 

What do y'all think? Traditional black, or let the wood show?


20-2-2017 04:44:12  #2

Re: Wooden spacebar?


I personally left my wooden spacebar'd typers as is so that I can imagine the number of people who may have used it and the history that it has lived through. Who knows what may have been typed and who by.
It always seems a shame to me to lose the possible history connected to an object that was probably so personal to someone.
Only my personal feelings, so do what feels right for you.



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