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02-4-2017 08:26:59  #31

Re: Keychopper Alerts

It was too late for an Underwood, but here's the description from the ad.  It is on ebay for the entire key, stem and all.Complete set of 45 individual typewriter keys and stems from antique Underwood manual typewriter.   Great steam punk project material.  I see an industrial-style lamp shade festooned with these.   What will you create as you preserve and re-purpose these keys?

Elliott 1

03-4-2017 04:50:40  #32

Re: Keychopper Alerts

'Preserve and repurpose' my arse. 


04-4-2017 17:01:53  #33

Re: Keychopper Alerts

I couldn't agree more !  It seems criminal to destroy something that has survived for so long (and will probably never be manufactured again) for the sake of a passing fad that may last a handful of years at most.


11-4-2017 07:47:14  #34

Re: Keychopper Alerts


I wish someone would tell these clowns that a smith premier is worth about a minimum of $100
In nice shape $200.

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11-4-2017 09:20:29  #35

Re: Keychopper Alerts

That was difficult to look at. And even worse, the "also viewed" selection at the bottom of the page. Nothing new under the sun department, humans squandering a finite resource through acts of total stupidity.

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