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06-5-2017 17:18:21  #11

Re: Green portable halda needs some love

Hello, trampled !
I know exactly what you are saying when you " oil first then clean and then oil again ".
I have worked on many sewing machines myself, from the common household machine to high speed industrials.
I almost always start with a dose of oil on every moving joint and slide way just to soften and dissolve older oil residue.
An exploratory cleaning with tooth brushes, pipe cleaners (getting hard to find) and cotton swabs ("Q-tips")
I can always tell when a machine has the old style machine oil in it (actual whale oil) and often have to resort to a hair dryer to speed up the softening time.
I always recommend Marvel Mystery Oil for nearly all light oil applications (but not where it will come in contact with wood you don't want stained) as this is actually an industrial sewing machine oil but with a red dye added to it.


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