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30-3-2017 18:11:52  #121

Re: SG Owners Club

Nick, are the alignment guide springs there? There should be four in total, two per guide, one on the outside of each pivot arm for the guide holders.

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02-4-2017 21:54:20  #122

Re: SG Owners Club

Uwe, yes, the springs on either side of the alignment guides are there. They are presently holding the guides firmly against the paper. However, my guides are currently detached in the middle from their respective metal pieces that are adjusted by the I, II, 0 business. I am planning to do some unscrewing, lift up the alignment guides off the machine (attached to the metal piece that I will unscrew), and underneath I should have a clearer look at that metal arm to see if I can get it closer to the paper. I am just uncertain how it will work out. 


08-4-2017 19:57:16  #123

Re: SG Owners Club

It may be a little ragged, but I think this is my ticket into the club. I'm proud to present my first SG. SN: 7-6113000, which makes it a 1960 according to TWDB.

I did a cursory clean up to get the weird smell of scented candles out of it. I typed four lines then immediately grabbed a screwdriver to take off the body panels so I could de-gunk the insides it a little. The sound deadening foam on the inside of the body pieces disintegrated under my fingers, so I'll have to find something to replace that when I do a more serious clean up.

There's some light rust on the type bars, and someone got super crazy with the white-out. But all of that is nothing, for this thing is types like a dream! No paper support, no surprise there. 


Came home from my long drive to get  it up and found that the ribbons I ordered earlier this week weer waiting in the mailbox. Popped a new one in the machine. I'd say it's printing pretty well! A bit of ghosting when my type action gets lazy.






09-4-2017 13:58:01  #124

Re: SG Owners Club

WIWriter wrote:

No paper support, no surprise there. 

Any SG is a good SG regardless of its aesthetics, however, the targeted use of mineral spirits will get rid of that correcting fluid pronto. A missing paper rest is definitely not a surprise, but it is a little unusual that one of the pins for it is still in the mounting bracket. Can't say that I've seen that before.

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27-5-2017 14:38:04  #125

Re: SG Owners Club

I keep hearing how good these machines are.  I saw one at the local typewriter repair shop and indicated I would be interested in getting it.  Not right this second, as I would like the opportunity to clean it up there.  It does have the paper rest on it.  He said i could have it for $50.

Elliott 1

19-8-2017 08:22:49  #126

Re: SG Owners Club

Back to the SG once more, dear friends, back to the SG...

I had an FP that had been photographed and waiting to be offered up to the world when I naturally decided, just one more extended trial... and it did get an extended trial, and it was fine.  And a Touchmaster Five was in the recently used list and I was comparing and contrasting, and both typed even lines of elite across the page and had pleasant actions and occupied an impressive bulk on the table, so what's not to like?

Then something made me pull out an SG-1 I had not touched for months. OK, it had an unfair advantage: not touched for months is almost "new" and the new typewriter is always the most fascinating one. But -- you can see this coming like the shock scare scene when the foolish person goes back into the abandoned house and the soundtrack begins that high ringing in the ears sound -- the SG frankly blew them both away in touch and imprint. The Underwood and the Royal seemed prosaic next to the Olympia -- they got the job done well, the Olympia brilliantly.

Its green hulkiness makes it look like something used by the Wehrmacht and the long carriage looks weaponized. Whether this conspicuous display of German engineering speaks to you may change from day to day, but damn its crinkle-painted body, it types brilliantly!

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15-9-2017 17:13:17  #127

Re: SG Owners Club

Hi there!

Finally got a SG1 and it's a beast! Needs a good cleaning althought the few sticky keys are slowly freeing themselves up from use! Now It's not winding into the left spool. And the platen is rock solid! The ribbon is getting cut from the keys impact! 

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