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09-6-2017 14:26:47  #1

How do you install Royal Arrow keys?

As you can see, I had a problem with the 'a' key on my 1948 Royal Arrow.
I've had it welded back together but it's not smooth enough to slide between the key guide in the front. So, if the key is smooth will I be able to maneuver it back in place? I've tried to reinstall it as is but everything seems to be in the way. If part of the space bar (being pointed to) wasn't there I'd have no problem, but a part that's holding it in place is welded onto the frame. I assume that when they were assembling it back in the day, the keys were put in first and then the space bar. There has to be an easy way to put it back. Please help. 
Here's the underside:


09-6-2017 21:32:09  #2

Re: How do you install Royal Arrow keys?

You really need to get another key.
You can try welding or gluing but I think that if you would sand it  the structural integrity would be lost.
If you have any typewriter shops in your area try and see if they have the part.

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15-6-2017 14:00:01  #3

Re: How do you install Royal Arrow keys?

Even with a new key, some part of the typewriter will need to be removed. I made a paper cutout of the key to see if my welded key was the cause of my troubles but there still is no clear path to slide it in. The point is, the key is not the problem. The way to install the key is the problem.
Compared to my other typewriters, this one has several (in my opinion) design flaws so is it possible that this machine simply wasn't made to have keys replaced?

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