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30-4-2017 13:30:20  #21

Re: Looking for a solid portable typewriter

Hi Svip, looks great. I'm glad you've found one you like - and with a Danish layout as well! If the ribbon is working now, it should just keep working. When it gets to the end of the ribbon, either it will turn round ot itsd own accord, or you might have to move the ribbon guides over to change direction. You'll be able to tell if the printing suddenly starts going really faint... 


15-6-2017 15:17:51  #22

Re: Looking for a solid portable typewriter

I second Kat
Just picked up a pristine Adler Contessa for $20
Solid mid-portable writer.
Also have an Olympia Deluxe (sm9 it looks like), also very reliable but
bigger, heavier, less mobile.


29-7-2017 21:01:08  #23

Re: Looking for a solid portable typewriter

Hello again.  I have now been using my Alder Tippa for quite a while, and I am very happy with it.  Easy to use and easy to carry.  I wish I had cranked out more pages, but 27 pages is still a decent number so far.

Particularly because I have been travelling since 9 June, but the past few days I have really been cranking out pages again.

However, I still think the typewriter needs a cleaning.  Are any of you familiar with any tips or person who can clean/repair a typewriter?

For the record, I am doing a travel journal on my trip, if you want to read about my journey.

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