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27-5-2017 13:12:21  #1

Underwood Three Bank

Not sure how rare these are, but I find this one in pretty good shape, except for ribbon issues. The vibrator wasn't working but I managed to free it up. The imprint is now lighter, with some letters cut off. It also had paper-feed issues, but these improved after several applications of rubber rejuvenator; today, I will lightly sand the platen. It came with the original case for $35, which I think is a hell of a deal. Further repairs may be beyond my abilities, so this one will most likely end up at the shop. Any thoughts on this one and the model itself?


27-5-2017 13:17:53  #2

Re: Underwood Three Bank

P.S. Serial number is 10222.

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10-6-2017 17:34:33  #3

Re: Underwood Three Bank

Is this the Underwood three rank machine you were referring to in your other post?
Definitely a nice little machine ! I would think of this as a 'writers machine' because having to shift back and forth to get to the figures and numbers would seem cumbersome for general work.
Still, I can see some small shop using a machine like this to keep neat records and correspondence at the time when it was new to the market.
If I were to find one even at twice what you STOLED THIS ONE FOR  (he, he, he...) I would snap it up just because it says Underwood.
A tiny little machine like that would probably be quite nice for taking on vacation, if one wished to write a bit.



12-6-2017 11:44:06  #4

Re: Underwood Three Bank

Just bought one of these myself. I took it to a nearby shop for servicing and repair as it had a lot of issues. Platen/feed roles need replacing, keys are misaligned, etc etc $400 quote to recondition completely.
Steep but I like this machine so I'll pay. It's my first typewriter, I really like the black/white contrast
Idk how to attach pic ...


15-6-2017 16:12:50  #5

Re: Underwood Three Bank

Here we go...


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