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18-6-2017 22:47:33  #1331

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

schyllerwade wrote:

Oh ok so you know all about them!
Wow that is very nice. I like the white keys with black lettering. That was one of the reasons I was drawn to the underwood models. I mentioned the Erika being hard to type on but I think I just have to get used to the mechanisms of typewriters (coming from mac computers). It seems like there's a sweet spot that doesn't require much effort and makes a clean impression too.

I too plan on using the machines I accumulate. I wasn't familiar with the LC smith but I googled it and it looks gargantuan lol a great looking machine nonetheless.
What is it that you like about it? Frankly I don't enough a big enough workspace for one of those behemoths but I can certainly admire them

schyllerwade, it is hard to explain the what I like about the LC Smiths. To me they are just nice, and fun, to use.
You mentioned that your Erika 8 is hard to type on. It may need to be cleaned. I would use some mineral spirits or denatured alcohol to clean the segment (the slotted piece of metal where the typebars are mounted). The Erikas, at least in my experience, usually have a light and smooth type action. It may need to be cleaned.


19-6-2017 09:10:18  #1332

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Schyllerwade, I made a mistake on the Olympia.
It is the model 'SF', not whatever I called it in my previous post.

There is a forum member here by the name of Joe Van Cleave, if you look up his u tube channel he does a video review of one of these machines that he has recently acquired.
You know, I have several machines that are in the portable category but only my Remington Model 2 is truly small enough to be easily taken and used anywhere.
The only problem with doing this with this machine is that it is getting on to 100 years old and I don't want it getting damaged from dragging it around the country side.
I used to have a low end Royal that it didn't bother me if it would get sand in it but, not to long ago I gave it to an aspiring young writer at church.
That would be the problem with that little three bank Underwood you have. If I had one I wouldn't want it to ever go out side where it might get dirty.
Something suitable will turn up one of these days.


19-6-2017 10:22:55  #1333

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Oliver- it may need cleaning. It is a little dirty underneath but I'm not sure if it's actually impeding any of the mechanisms. I haven't taken the time to go all the way through it and give it a good cleaning but I will eventually.

Rattle- I actually googled it right after and saw what it was. Very expensive. Is that they smallest thing they ever made? I do want one of those ultra portables....leaning towards kolibri or gossen tippa atm, and wwwy from rocket. Fwiw, I never much took to writing outdoors in public places. In sun, breeze rustling my papers, people--all distractions to me, so on that front, I hope the underwood is everything I'm hoping for (paying for!)

We will see!


19-6-2017 19:13:16  #1334

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Schyllerwade, I would sure like to see a Kolibri  in person myself but, they are not commonly found around my location. And besides, I can always resort to the pen and note book if just the right compact typewriter doesn't show up.
As for writing outside and in public, I agree with the distraction of the 'body public' but, I'm willing to try it any way. We live out in the country and our small farm overlooks the Rush Lake marsh system that is probably 10,000 acres or more. Further to the North the valley opens up to a view that goes on for 30+ miles and offers a great deal of inspiration for writing.
To sit on the front lawn under our enormous maple tree, gazing off to the North valley is like being in an incredible yet simple cathedral and I really am inspired when I write there. 


19-6-2017 23:17:14  #1335

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Well I have to admit that setting sounds like a great place to write
If I lived in the country I think I would probably do the same thing


20-6-2017 07:39:42  #1336

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

For me, the fact that you can take your typewriter out of doors with never a fear of the battery going flat is a major advantage.  I often take one into the back garden and sit by the pool for hours and hours, knowing that the TW is always going to be ready for action when inspiration comes along (i.e. when I wake up!)
  But I have never typed in a busy public place such as a cafe - it would feel wrong, and there I just use a notebook.  I don't like other people's noise, and see no reason why they should endure mine.


25-6-2017 19:10:09  #1337

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Picked up another Remington model 2 a couple of days ago.
This is a machine that I found in an antique store we had not been to before.
Unfortunately they mostly have 'repurposed antiques' (read that as nice old stuff turned into junk) but, there was a few nice things and this little Rem 2 .
With no case top and a price tag of $75. I assumed it was just something else to sit on a shelf to look cute but my younger son went to try it out and said it worked pretty good. I went to check and sure enough it did work well and had an ok ribbon with a nice sky blue body but the price was unacceptable.
I asked the store clerk to see if the seller would take $35. witch I thought was more than enough but they said no less than $50.
Well I let it sit for another two weeks and came back to find it had a new "$50. FIRM" price tag on it so I decided to bring it home.
It is a nice little machine although it does have a hang up in the carriage advance around the 7" mark, I'll get that taken care of and build a new custom case for it to hold a store of paper so I can take it out door typing.



25-6-2017 20:11:43  #1338

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

If it was a "little" Remington then it's more likely you bought a Portable #2 and not a Model 2, which was a standard typewriter manufactured during the 1880s.

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26-6-2017 20:53:17  #1339

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread


  NOT QUITE THE HERMES ROCKET I WAS LOOKING FOR, BUT ITLL DO FOR NOW. MONTANA Luxe. Picked this one up for $20.http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y42/onecapableyj/IMG_0084_1.jpg


26-6-2017 20:59:11  #1340

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

And here's another one I grabbed for $25. It's my first royal of any kind, this one is a 1949 Quiet De Luxe and I got to say, I love writing with it. It may be my new daily writer. Everything works, magic margin, touch control, ribbon direction switch-thing. Awesome.


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