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26-7-2017 15:07:01  #11

Re: SG1...Hermes Ambassador

Javi wrote:

It has nothing to do against a SG1, but c´mon, it´s not that bad!

​Don't get me wrong, I think it's a work of art (see below), but in terms of typing performance - for a standard typewriter - I would rank it very low. Sure you can type with it, something that can be said of almost every typewriter, but would you want to type with it every day, all day, as perhaps you would when writing a book? Not me. I would throw the machine against the wall long before I finished the first chapter. My workhorse typewriter, by a long shot, is the SG1, and I can think of dozens of other standards that I would pull off the shelf for long typing assignments before I would even consider the Lexikon.



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01-8-2017 09:26:09  #12

Re: SG1...Hermes Ambassador

Well I just picked up an ambassador and have to say that it. Is. Nice.
It's hard to compare a fully operational machine to one that isn't functional, but finally getting my hands on a full-sized standard typewriter that is actually usable... I can definitely see the appeal. 

It doesn't shift around when you are writing (like, at all), and I find that it's also a little easier to see what you've written as the paper is at a higher position, closer to eye level. That combined with the numerous features...well, I think I'm going to replace the platen on this one and make it the daily machine.

If not this one, most likely another standard size desktop typewriter.

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08-8-2017 10:08:33  #13

Re: SG1...Hermes Ambassador

Never had a Lexicon 80, but I have seen dozens of them in photos of UK newspaper offices around the 1970s.  I don't know why they were popular in that context, not being known as outstanding typers compared to other available brands, but my guess is that they were cheaper than other standards at the time while still being 'adequate'.


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