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26-10-2017 08:23:28  #11

Re: Olympia shades of green

Uwe,  that last photo of the 58 is very close to how my eye sees my own SM3. A deep rich almost pine forest green.

I will give my machine a good cleaning sometime after the the Nov 4/5 weekend. I'm a competitive rower, and that is my last regatta for the season (maybe). All my energy is focused on that right now. 

Until then I will need to read up on the proper way to clean both outside and inside, I've done a little reading (mineral spirits for the type slugs, and inside etc.)


26-10-2017 10:48:36  #12

Re: Olympia shades of green

Were you at Head of the Charles this past weekend? I know someone who was rowing women's masters quad sculls.

Anyway -- regarding the slugs, start with using a toothpick to winkle out some of the crud, like inside the B and 8. Also the a and e are prone to getting clogged, so a solvent alone may not get it loose. Once you've given the slugs a good going over with the toothpick, then use the solvent to clear out the (hopefully) loosened gunk.


26-10-2017 11:45:33  #13

Re: Olympia shades of green

No, I was at Secret City Head Race in Tennessee.

Thanks for the tip.

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