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21-9-2017 14:56:58  #51

Re: What hobbies do you have?

I fly-fish, collect bamboo and fiberglass rods and turn of the century fly reels, hunt, shoot trap, collect first editions and vintage photographs, film cameras, records and briar pipes. I'm a writer and only use typewriters. I read and correspond obsessively.

Visit my website, eafeliupoetry.com, for posts on typewriters and literature.

28-10-2017 18:37:22  #52

Re: What hobbies do you have?

Fly fishing, bamboo rods...Nice! I haven't been fly fishing since my college days. I need to get back into that. I did manage to get out with my dad this summer, and we saw a HUGE (24") brown trout in a deep pool in an otherwise small creek that nobody ever goes too (kind of our secret)  Didn't catch it. It was easily spooked.

My other hobbies include:
• photography and a modest collection of film and digital cameras ranging from compact point and shoot digitals on up to a 4x5 view camera. My latest acquisition is a 1950s Rolleiflex. I just processed some rolls of film from it, and they came out nicely.

• music - both listening and playing. I have a modest, but very decent Hi Fi set up with a couple vintage turntables. I also have a small collection of electric and acoustic guitars, one outstanding Fender P bass and a couple vintage drum kits. 

• sports cars - I do have a car that I drive on occasion, and have been on a race track with it once so far.

• I am a watch nerd.

I also enjoy cycling, and I am a competitive Masters rower

I'm probably missing something, but that's the gist of my non working activities. And now typewriters...like I need another distraction 


01-11-2017 14:53:21  #53

Re: What hobbies do you have?

Hobby farm with all it entails.


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