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20-8-2017 10:36:05  #11

Re: Math professor's typewriter

"Cornudysopia"? I think "cornucopia" is what you meant. But I do agree that the vitriol level got pretty high here.


20-8-2017 15:52:10  #12

Re: Math professor's typewriter

...what have I done...

I apologise for any offensive wording I appear to have used. It was not my intention to offend anybody. The use of the word "boring" was sluggish and I wasn't aware of how it might be understood -- I am not at all thinking of a typewriter as an entertainment product! All that I wanted to express was that I would like to experiment with exchanging a typebar with another one with different symbols and see where it leads to. I am absolutely aware that typewriters are highly engineered pieces and likewise I am aware that they were not manufactured for me specifically. That however in my opinion does not stand against me experimenting with customising one. Regarding the umlaut keys, I would hesitate to say they there for easy typing, because as far as the rest of QWERTZ/QWERTY goes it appears to be common opinion that it's not very finger-friendly at all and just stays around because it's what everybody is used to.

Repartee wrote:

My first reaction to the comment about the umlaut dead key was that German speakers might find it inconvenient to use two keys to type a common letter, but as you are from Germany perhaps my comment is void. :-)

The most common umlaut in German is probably "ä". "ö" and "ü" are comparatively rare. I wouldn't mind using a dead key for at least "ö" und "ü". Capital umlauts "Ä", "Ö", and "Ü" only occur very rarely, and in old German blackletter books they were occasionally transcribed as "Ae", "Oe", and "Ue". Maybe I experiment a little with changing my PC keyboard layout to use a dead key for umlauts just to try how it feels.

As for my needs, I often fill in forms by typewriter. Nowadays, many of those forms require me to fill in an email address. None of my typewriters has an @ sign, which was what originally caused this idea of changing typebars.

Thanks to everyone who posted links with further information!


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29-10-2017 13:27:20  #13

Re: Math professor's typewriter

Paradoxis wrote:

Oh my god, that math Olympia went for A DOLLAR AND SEVENTEEN CENTS AMERICAN?!!  Whoever got that is one lucky person.....
I know that my Coronet Super 12 has two type bars where the type can be switched out, and I think I have somewhere a little leaflet advertisement that showed all the different sorts of type sets that could be bought with four (maybe five?) interchangeables in each.  One for medical writing, one for mathematics, and one for engineering, I think.  There might be more sets, but I'm not certain.  I'll try looking for the thing and if I find it I'll post a picture

I've got all the sets. I picked up a couple keys from Craigslist a few years ago; then tracked down someone selling the sets on eBay. Think I got em for$16.

I've been wanting an apothecary machine for awhile (I'm a nurse), so the interchangeable keys were a cheap way to get one.

I ask have a Royal P Woodgrain with the mathematical keyboard.
Got it for$40 off shopgoodwill. They had horrible pictures of it, couldn't even tell it was a Royal, let alone a Woodgrain. I suspected it might be, so risked bidding.

Imagine my surprise when it was a Woodgrain in beautiful shape with the full math keys (pi, square root, etc)!


15-11-2017 16:19:38  #14

Re: Math professor's typewriter

Still taking my Hermes Rocket everywhere with me. 
I make haiku bookmarks for my bookstore and librarian friends. I do political or parody haiku/ poems for the poor burnt out people of the US. I Pen Pal with people all over the world. Since thoughts spark up everywhere, I take it all over with me. It's tough mean green cover makes me feel like a combat journalist. 
It's lasted longer than my last Timex, and still keeps ticking. My typewriter repairman saw it once, but never needed to see inside. Ever.  
If you find one, get it.     It's worth the price.


Throw up into your typewriter every morning. Clean up every noon - Raymond Chandler

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