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17-11-2017 08:07:56  #1

Olivetti Studio 45 question

I acquired a VG condition Olivetti that required minimal cleaning and appears to work in all aspects but was initially thinking the tab control was not operable.  I am more familiar a with SMC Classic 12 so I was stumped as to why when I set the tab that after pressing Red tab key that that the carriage never moved.  It took me over 30 minutes of playing with this that I discovered it will work if I simultaneously press Red tab key and the carriage release lever...in other words it is a two finger operation instead of one finger Red tab press.  Is this normal?  The skimpy manual, really a   printed card, two sided, does not help.  I realize that some typewriters don't have tab functions at all and I myself will use it sparingly.   Just curious.


17-11-2017 12:09:38  #2

Re: Olivetti Studio 45 question

Welcome to the forum, Martin.

It's definitely not a normal situation. You should only need to press the red tabulator key (above the right-side shift key) to move the carriage between tab stops. The tab stops themselves are set/cleared by using the lever at the top/left corner of the keyboard.

​There's a Maintenance & Repair sub-forum if you want to start a thread to get repair advice for this issue.


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