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08-12-2017 10:16:14  #1

Editing an existing post?

I assume that in the spirit of using a typewriter these forums don't allow editing an existing post by anyone other than a moderator.

The other possibility is that I'm too dense to see the obvious.  Am I just missing it?


08-12-2017 11:21:54  #2

Re: Editing an existing post?

No, you're correct -- you cannot edit existing posts. 


08-12-2017 11:51:48  #3

Re: Editing an existing post?

Hi Dan
I had typed this answer about ½ hour ago, but couldn't get back onto the forum to post it. Since then, Fleetwing has replied in much shorter detail, so this now becomes an expanded explanation as I see it as to why editing is not available on this forum.

​You are correct, posts can only be edited by the moderator. When this forum was first set up, post editing was enabled but the feature was being abused. Members were editing posts they had written a year or more ago which was messing up the flow of the thread so it didn't make sense to future readers. This is why Uwe recommends opening up a word document and typing up your post or reply on that. Check it, double check it, then copy and paste to the forum.

​There are many forum members and enough information being posted that moderating this forum along with his other daily commitments that Uwe has his hand full. If you feel you have made a serious blunder in one of your posts or replies, private message Uwe with the post address and politely ask him to edit the post for you. All the best,



08-12-2017 14:47:41  #4

Re: Editing an existing post?

Thanks Sky and Fleet for taking care of this.

​Dan, this subject (among others) is covered in the forum's FAQ: http://cdn.boardhost.com/invisible.gif

​For the record, this free forum hosting service limits what I can do, which in this case is to either allow or disallow editing. If I was to ever find the funds the host this forum on my own, it would be my preference to allow a limited editing window (for example, one week), which the full version of the software used for these forums does allow. Until then we have to make do with what we have.

"To save time is to lengthen life."

08-12-2017 16:29:23  #5

Re: Editing an existing post?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just asking.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking an edit button somewhere.

It's been a little while since I joined but I probably quickly skimmed the FAQ and missed this.  I probably wouldn't have forgotten the way this works since it's a little different.

I'm having a lot of fun hanging out here and I very much appreciate that I'm able to ask questions and get excellent help.

Thanks for the replies!

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