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24-11-2017 01:06:40  #11

Re: Typewriter Wiki

Hello! It so happens that I've been working on just such a project and launched a typewriter wiki just a few days ago. I've been seeding it with content from my notes, and have enlisted some help from several others who will be chipping in. My hope is that it will become a useful repository of knowledge that is too easily lost or buried.


I cordially invite the Typewriter Talk community to participate in any way you like. Please feel free to add/edit content and share wiki links wherever you think they'd be helpful. If you have questions or run into any trouble, please feel free to send me a direct message.



12-12-2017 16:46:40  #12

Re: Typewriter Wiki

That wiki site is so JavaScript-happy that I can't even view it reasonably with the NoScript addon installed in Firefox (which I have because I don't like to be tracked for privacy reasons)...


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