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03-1-2018 04:09:26  #1

WTB: Olympia SM9 4/@ type slug


after some digging around on this page I found that Olympia manufactured a number of keyboard layouts that contained an typeslug with an @ sign other than the usual U.S. @/¢ type slug.

I'm interested in a type slug with the combination 4/@ (4 on the lower edge, @ on the upper edge for shifted writing) in pitch Pica, standard Olympia font, for an SM9 if possible. Since mailing a single type slug shouldn't be too expensive even internationally, feel free to answer even if you're outside Europe.

Layouts that I found that have them: Afrikaans, some English ones, several Greek ones, maybe more.

If you have one of those type slugs and want to sell, please PM me.



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