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05-10-2017 16:57:52  #1

Fountain Pen Users Here?

It seems in that with a few of the people that I have typewritten back and forth with on here, and I what I probably would have expected, the use of typewriters and fountain pens goes hand in hand. I just wanted to check in and say hello to any of the other fountain pen users out there! I am a big fan of the fountain pen, which I started writing with back in the 3rd grade when my mother's boss gave me one of his as a gift after I could not hold back my curiosity and admiration of his. From then on, I've certainly had my periods of surrendering to the ballpoint- but more or less, the fountain pen has remained, and as I've gotten older, my love for them has been quite strong. For me, there is nothing like a pen that has a design of yesteryear and a nib that writes a nice wet line, not too thick, not too thin. I am a big fan of Bexley pens for their great American manufacturing, and their designs that nod at pens from the golden era. Most recently I've become a fan of ebonite pens, finally splurging after admiring for a long time. JUST like typewriters, they seem to be DANGEROUSLY addictive!! My current favorite ink is Montblanc Permanent Blue. I often write with Diamine Registrar's Iron Gall ink, which is truly my favorite, but I go through periods of time of thinking that ink might be too acidic for my steel pen nibs. It is the permanence of both of these inks that interest me greatly. Just some thoughts! Looking forward to hearing any of your fountain pen stories. I've thrown this rather awful photo in just to share my current two favorite pens.




20-10-2017 13:44:43  #2

Re: Fountain Pen Users Here?

At least 5 days a week I use my Esterbrook.  I have others but this one is my favorite.  It's always on my desk ready for action!


29-10-2017 13:32:59  #3

Re: Fountain Pen Users Here?

I picked up some cheap fountain pens off of eBay. They look beautiful, but definitely not left handed friendly.

Looks like I'll stick to my typewriters 😉


12-1-2018 23:54:44  #4

Re: Fountain Pen Users Here?

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice pen...I have a soft spot for high end writing utensils.  Saw one at a warehouse store for $65 and it had a set of nibs...a bit pricey for a plastic pen.  Also, they don’t work to well with left handed people like me.  I do love fountain pens and quill pens though ;)

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15-1-2018 12:57:16  #5

Re: Fountain Pen Users Here?

fountainpennetwork.com ... a great resource and easier to read, reply, and post or comment than typewriter.boardhost. This may be because their are many more pen collectors. Idomate to it and now it accepts advertising, which does only limited damage.

I have found typewriter fanciers among the readership.


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