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30-1-2018 16:26:14  #701

Re: New Member Thread

I am located about half way between OKC & Tulsa. I was at that time working at the Royal office on Pennsylvania there in OKC. Right between Bosco's Nut, Bolt, and Screw and Tom's Toasted Peanuts. I noticed you are there in Hartford. I really enjoyed my time there. Stayed in an apt. bldg. that I think was owned by Royal, or Litton. Had my first try of Shark stake at a nice café there in downtown Hartford. I wonder what happened to that factory after Royal went out.


30-1-2018 17:03:51  #702

Re: New Member Thread

The factory (on New Park Avenue, you may recall). long vacant, burned down some years ago. On the site now is a shopping plaza named, what else, The Royal.

The Underwood factory, which wasn't far away, also burned down in the last 20 years. But I think some of the satellite buildings remain.


01-2-2018 15:59:54  #703

Re: New Member Thread

Hello, I am new here and live in the UK

I have rediscovered typewriters - and I have ‘a few’, well three....that are intact.....two that aren’t, and my son wanted an Olympia Traveller, so then there were six typewriters in the house

I like the different typefaces, and have different ribbons in each.

So I thought I would say hello after reading a lot of helpful information on here

Ps the 3 intact machines are: a cursive Adler Tippa, an Empire Aristocrat and a Smith Corona Sterling. The two in pieces look like Olympia SM2’s so maybe two will make one working machine? bit of a project ;)


01-2-2018 18:22:34  #704

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the forum, Badger. You've got a nice little collection to work with, and if you post details concerning those Olympia models in the Repair & Maintenance sub-forum you might just get both of them working.

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02-2-2018 05:28:40  #705

Re: New Member Thread

Hello and thank you Uwe that would be great if the olympias can be saved, I was sad to see them arrive damaged.

It is rewarding to get the machines typing again so any help would be much appreciated


15-2-2018 13:28:24  #706

Re: New Member Thread

Somehow I missed this thread. My name is Rod and I'm new to the forum and typewriter collecting in general. I think I have an addiction. I'm typing every day now.

It started with a moldy smelling Smith Corona Sterling that I picked up at an antique shop last year. One key wasn't working (missing a pin) so I've never really used it, and the cleanup would take a lot of work so it sat in the case for over a year. Then I saw an early 70's SM-9 for $25 in my local Craigslist late last year. It's been a typewriter addiction ever since. A couple of my typewriters needed work so I figured out how to repair them myself. Joined this forum to get more info on what to acquire next. Just watched the California Typewriter documentary this past week and it only fueled my G.A.S. for more typewriters. Help!

* Smith Corona Sterling (50's)
* Olympia SM-9 - 1963 - Senatorial Robot - w/ original case
* Olympia SM-9 - 1963 - Pica - Wide Carriage, original cover/case
* Olympia SM-9 - 1974 - Pica - Original case
* Hermes 3000 - 1966 - Techno Pica - clamshell case/manual
* Hermes 3000 - 1966 - Petit Pica - clamshell case - (I think this is my favorite of all my typewriters)
* Hermes 3000 - 1963 - Director Elite - Deluxe chrome piping case (nearly mint time capsule example - not sure how this is even possible - best 3000 I've seen online or otherwise. A couple very tiny scratches along bottom back edge and that is it. I don't think it was ever opened and barely used. Platen is nearly perfect. Appears to be an original ribbon with Hermes branded reels. Original manual, two brochures, and a key included. Amazing condition.)
* Hermes Rocket - Pica (metal case) - late 50's
* Hermes Rocket - Pica Elite (leatherette case) - late 50's
* Hermes Rocket - Pica Elite (leatherette case) - late 50's
* Hermes Rocket - Pica (basket case) - late 50's

*Olympia SG-1 (like I have the space)
*Olympia SM-3 (burgundy)
*Hermes Ambassador
*Hermes 3000 (Script)
*Hermes 3000 (Epoca) - was this typeface ever available in the older rounded bodystyle?

Glad to be a part of the Typosphere!


20-3-2018 16:51:13  #707

Re: New Member Thread

I'm still a bit new as I am not online often, so still getting used to the site.

My machine of choice is my Rocket. Hermes Rocket.    It's a compact battlehorse. It's one machine that I hear does not need many trips to the repairman. Mine hasn't been to one since it's been made. 
I am often found with it on park benches or tables, or even in my car, balancing it on my knees, it just barely clearing the steering wheel to get out a letter or fine tune a story. 
My Facit 1620 sure can't go on the road like that, but it's much "cleaner" and precise, if that describes it well. 

Anyways, it's good to see so many regulars.

I just wish there were more type-ins, or events like that.        I'll try to start something like it soon, but.....
There just doesn't seem to be many recent ones. 

Good luck,


Throw up into your typewriter every morning. Clean up every noon - Raymond Chandler

20-3-2018 16:53:34  #708

Re: New Member Thread

This is Ivan, forgot to say my location. South of Los Angeles, North of San Diego.
Have Rocket, will travel.


Throw up into your typewriter every morning. Clean up every noon - Raymond Chandler

01-4-2018 12:17:35  #709

Re: New Member Thread

Hi all, I got my first typewriter from a thrift store when I was much younger (13 or 14), a Smith Corona Galaxie Twelve in fairly good condition. I gave up on it for several years because I didn't have the patience for learning how to properly, and since I do a lot of fiction writing most of my work has to be done on a computer as a final step since it's basically all published online. Relatively recently I was at home from school and didn't have my desktop computer so I broke out my typewriter and really loved using it for some writing. There is a lot to be said for the typewriter as a serious writing tool even now, because it affords you distraction free writing and a great tactile feel as you work. I really like my Galaxie but am a big fan of ultra-portable typewriters from the 50s and 60s especially. I don't know if I want to become a full blown collector, mostly I just want a few solid machines to do my projects on, but I do love learning the history of typewriters and seeing the old marketing for the.


01-4-2018 13:44:12  #710

Re: New Member Thread

Hi Sam! Hi Ivan!


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