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08-2-2018 00:59:41  #1

Smith Corona Clipper

Hello Everyone, 

I have a line on a Smith Corona "Clipper" that is in good condition other than ribbon spooler not working. I'll worry about that later but for now I was just trying to find anything about this typewriter at all online and I can't seem to find any information.

Would anybody have any information on this model? Any links or background information. I'm just trying to get an understanding of what I'm going to be looking at and if it's worth buying. I included the picture down below.

I can't really figure out what the time frame is. Somewhere between the sixties and seventies I'm guessing from the look of it. I haven't seen one other smith-corona with the name plate in the center like that in this style and era.

Any thoughts would be welcome!



08-2-2018 04:03:59  #2

Re: Smith Corona Clipper

It is an early 1960's model which uses up old stock of the 1950's shells as an 'economy' typewriter.  That is why it is difficult to date from the appearance.  It should be a perfectly good machine once the ribbon mechanism is sorted out - provided that there aren't any major problems that we don't know about yet !


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