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13-2-2018 14:03:12  #11

Re: Bent typebar links on Smith-Corona Sterling

M. Höhne wrote:

I think often they come apart under the force of clashed and stuck typebars when kids are pounding on them and build up a great mass of typebars and then keep pounding. Whether the design is designed by S-C to prevent bent links or to speed up factory assembly, I don't know. They really committed to it, though, I like the design.

Yes, I have seen kids pounding, and that makes sense.  Also, come to think of it, the one I worked on had been thrown out of a car.  So I guess my comment was redundant

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13-2-2018 18:21:03  #12

Re: Bent typebar links on Smith-Corona Sterling

Got them all connected and straightened out...except one of them has a broken clevis! Thanks for the help!

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