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06-3-2018 06:38:57  #11

Re: Little problem on Olympia Sm3 carriage

Thanks Fleetwing annd Lucas Dul. You're probably right. I'll try to follow your tips thorought out this week and then I return here.


06-3-2018 12:17:32  #12

Re: Little problem on Olympia Sm3 carriage

So, here are some photographs of how the drawband looks.





Notice that the main wheel is on the right side of the carriage when it is up side down. Now, I don't have any clue on what to do from here. It also seems to me that the band is running above some mechanisms when it should run "behind" them. Am I right? An exemple: near the main wheel there's a black mechanism, really small, and it seems that the drawband should run below it. But I'm not sure.

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