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12-3-2018 14:34:36  #1

Help to choose...

Hi again guys. I was recently asking for a Groma Kolibri. The cheapest I could get it was 90, so I continued looking. then I saw some two Royal quiet deluxe. They are not really portable, but look georgeus. One costs 70 euros, and its the model from 1948. The other one is more expensive, over 90, but its the later model from 1953.
​The thing is, at this point, what machine would you recommend you to buy? I now they are all very good machines.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


12-3-2018 15:11:41  #2

Re: Help to choose...

To me, it comes down to esthetics. I think I prefer the looks of the earlier machine. Mechanically I think they're essentially the same.


13-3-2018 08:21:16  #3

Re: Help to choose...

ikerbuda wrote:

... ​The thing is, at this point, what machine would you recommend you to buy?

​Where do you live? The best machine for you is most likely one that is easily found in your area, and therefore not very expensive. Since you mentioned Euros, I assume that you're in Europe, and you should be able to pick up a good quality portable for a fraction of the price that you mentioned the Royal was selling for.

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14-3-2018 23:52:48  #4

Re: Help to choose...

I have a 48 and a 53 Royal Quiet DeLuxe and I like the way the 48 types better. It could be different with two other typewriters from the same years. I also like the looks of the earlier machine better.

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