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08-12-2017 09:58:10  #1

Purpose of a Typewriter Pad?

Noise reduction only?

Any disadvantages?  Will it slide on a glass surface?

I've seen felt ones.  Is that the type to get if I get one?

Are they primarily for Standards or are they good for Portables too (SM3)?



08-12-2017 12:03:52  #2

Re: Purpose of a Typewriter Pad?

Hi Dan

​Typewriter pads can either hold your typewriter in place or let it slide around depending on the typewriter, the pad material and the surface on which you are typing. SCM Smith-Corona Galaxie XII stays put on a card table, but slides all over the place on a felt pad. Olympia SM-4 moves around on same table but stays put on a square of foam rubber carpet underlay.

The underlay I found is pale green, has plastic film backing on one side and a woven backing on the other. Cut a 12" square and round off the corners for looks, peel the backing off both sides and this holds my typewriters solidly in place. Hope this gives you some ideas,



08-12-2017 14:59:02  #3

Re: Purpose of a Typewriter Pad?

I use a number of different pads, for different purposes, all on the same typing surface (a smooth wood laminate desk):
* For relatively quiet and light-weight machines I use a square sheet of rubberized shelving material that prevents any typewriter from moving around.
​* For big standards (which typically don't have movement issues) I use a one inch thick felt pad to minimize vibration through the desk and reduce sound.
​* For any machine that I've recently repaired or serviced - or new-to-me machines that I'm testing out - I have an oversized, 10 mm thick, smooth rubber mat that not only prevents a machine from moving on the desk, but is also easy to clean (it collects the dirt that falls out of newly purchased machines, and also errant oil drips from recently serviced ones).

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17-4-2018 22:54:59  #4

Re: Purpose of a Typewriter Pad?

I *need* a typewriter pad.  Not noise reduction, although that would be a plus.  No, I need a pad to keep the typewriter in place.  Mine tends to scoot to the side as time goes on.
I'm still kicking myself that I didn't snap up a silicone pad / cookie sheet for $5.00 when I had the chance.


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