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14-5-2018 15:50:55  #1

Mounting portables on wall for display

Fellow Typers,

Looking to mount my portables on the wall of my office. For display and storage. Everything from bigger machines like Royal QDLs down to ultraportables like my little Tippa S.

Obviously, I don't want to damage them in the process and I'd also like it to be relatively easy to take them down and use them to keep them happy and loose.

Any suggestions on what hardware and method to hang them?

Thanks for your ideas!


14-5-2018 16:49:30  #2

Re: Mounting portables on wall for display

Sorry, but you're not getting any support from me on this -- too risky for the machines. Keep in mind that any one of them weighs several pounds, and the larger ones, closer to 12 or 15. You will need to make sure whatever you use is really solidly anchored to the wall, and itself is strong enough so that it doesn't bend from the weight of the machines. Just get some shelving and tip the machines up on their backs if you need room.

That said, there is a hotel in Portland, ME that has a number of typewriters permanently mounted on the wall of the lobby. I expect the machines were damaged in the process in order to ensure they were securely attached, but that's not what you intend.


17-5-2018 02:24:52  #3

Re: Mounting portables on wall for display

Personally, I cannot condone this action, and had a small heart attack when I walked past a stationer's in my local mall that was trying to be "hip," and saw that they had placed some machines in their window. Upon further inspection, I thankfully noticed that these were infact paper cutouts. But, alas, I do not think that there could be any truly healthy method for the machines to be kept in working order on the wall.

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17-5-2018 15:47:52  #4

Re: Mounting portables on wall for display

yovinny wrote:

Looking to mount my portables on the wall of my office. ... Any suggestions on what hardware and method to hang them?

Vinny, I think it's a great idea.

​The first step would be to determine what your office wall is made of, whether, for example, it's drywall on metal studs, or concrete. Next, visit your local hardware store with this information. You'll find that there are plenty of specialty anchors designed for the type of wall that you have, and can easily handle the weight of a portable typewriter. You may need to use different brackets depending on which machine you want to hang, but that shouldn't be an issue. An examination of the back of the typewriter will give you a good idea as to what should work best for that particular model.

​Something like this?

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