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16-5-2018 14:17:22  #1

Olivetti Studio 44 - troublesome shift problem

Hi. I have an Olivetti Studio 44 from 1955 which I acquired about 12 months ago. I cleaned and degreased the machine when I go it but have not used it a great deal since then. It's in superb condition generally, but I notice it has now developed an issue within the shift mechanism(s). Basically, the segment lowers OK with either of the shift keys, but then on releasing shift the segment refuses to return to its upper resting position. It is very sluggish and only reaches about half to three-quarters the way up its travel before stopping. I then literally have to pull the shift key upwards to get back to non-shifted typing! I've noticed when pulling up the key I can hear and feel a slight 'bump' a fraction of an inch before the segment reaches its normal upper limit. I wondered if this bump was being caused by the hook shaped lower end of the black metal pivoting arm on the far left hand side in front of the ribbon spool, but having unscrewed this arm and tested shift without it, the bump still occurs.

I have used cigarette lighter fluid to degrease every pivot point I can see (and there are quite a few). Have also checked all the springs, including the long ones that connect below the spool plates and go down diagonally into the chassis, and they appear to be sound with good tension.

I am very careful not to lubricate typewriters unnecessarily, so I don't know whether any of the pivot points should be lubricated or simply left clean and 'dry'. I have some gun oil if needed. If anyone has come across or solved this issue before I would be interested to learn more. Many thanks


19-5-2018 02:04:49  #2

Re: Olivetti Studio 44 - troublesome shift problem

Seem to have fixed this eventually. I turned the machine upside down and applied a tiny amount of Remoil to each pivot point of the long cigar shaped bar that runs across the width of the chassis. The shift action is quite snappy now. 

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