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16-6-2018 13:49:54  #1621

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

My latest edition:



26-6-2018 07:56:59  #1622

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Also picked up a Lettera 22 for $20 the same week I got the two Royals.


03-7-2018 19:04:36  #1623

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I felt a bit guilty about not posting for  a while, and, to add to that, I have not bought a new machine since 
Jan of 2018, so, that is what will have to do. My most recent purchase is a 1960 Olympia SM4. As I am typing this on my lunch break at school, I have not got the machine handy to check the serial number. It seems to be a great machine, although I think that even though $100 seemed to be a bit too much for a machine, I figured that it was worth it for an SM in the condition that it was in.

I am a dangerous man when turned loose with a typewriter.
- Charles Bukowski

11-8-2018 17:01:54  #1624

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Haven't posted here in a little while, but my most recent  purchase is a late 60s or early 70s Hermes Baby with a French keyboard. I like the design of it visually but find typing on it a chore, it's very stiff (even after cleaning) and doesn't leave a consistent imprint. I am also not a fan of the carriage shift compared to the basket shift on my Smith Corona Galaxie XII. Hopefully I can get my Olympia on working order to have a second machine that has a smoother typing action than this Hermes.



22-8-2018 07:39:00  #1625

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Recently I picked up one of those rolling typewriter tray tables off Craigslist. The listing came with a Royal HH standard that is in overall good physical condition with a working carriage and tabs. The only issue is that the left hand margin doesn't work. It has (I believe) a Pica sized typeface. Overall I think I would like it more if I didn't already have my Smith Corona and soon (after I get it back from the repair shop) my Olympia SM8.


14-9-2018 16:03:38  #1626

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I just got a Hermes Baby myself, locally. The Craigslist description indicated a German keyboard; the picture looked more like it was a Swiss QWERTZ keyboard (French/German). Either would have been interesting. Turns out it's a Czech keyboard, with all those neat letters with diacritical marks. Unfortunately, they take up keyboard space, so there are compromises: No parentheses; no apostrophe; no semicolon. Also, no Q (though q is there; it's paired with the "section" character). The parentheses is a loss; the semicolon can be worked around easily enough (type a colon then backspace and type a comma). One of the diacritical marks has what looks like an accent; it's on a dead key along with a circumflex. So I can approximate the apostrophe, though it looks odd. I guess I can add a line to an O to get the Q, or just avoid words that begin with Q. 

I like the feel of this machine. There are a few sticky keys but they are loosening up, and the typing feel is crisp. The platen is in nice shape. It's a 1943-44, and in pretty good condition overall. I had to do some forming of the line spacing lever, and also the rest on which the shift lock perches, since it caused the capitals to print too high. The H is missing from the screened Hermes on the top of the machine, but it's pretty clean otherwise. The cover could stand the Scrubbing Bubbles treatment. Seems to work in all respects; even the ribbon (on the proper spools!) has plenty of life in it. The seller told me it was her uncle's; he brought it home from Europe after WW II. Maybe he got a deal on it because of the unusual keyboard.

My French and German isn't really good enough to understand the manuals that are available online, but I was able to determine that the machine has both 1 and 2 line spacing. No markings on the machine to show the positions, though. I found an English language manual at Richard Polt's site for the Featherweight, and it told me how to do the variable line spacing. I'm not sure I would have figured that one out by myself, but it's easy-peasy once you know. (Turn the left hand platen knob toward you while holding the right hand knob steady.)

All in all, $10 well spent, and I got a Christian pamphlet from the seller too.


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