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This thread contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other information regarding the use of the Typewriter Talk Forum.

Please check here first if you're not sure about how to use a specific feature of the forum. 

New items will be added to this thread whenever the need arises, so checking it every so often is a good idea.

If you don't find an answer to a question that you might have about the forum, please ask it in this thread.

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The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.

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This free forum does not support photo hosting, you can only link to a photo that exists elsewhere on the internet. In other words, any photo you want to include in a post must have already been uploaded to either another website or a photo sharing service. New Typewriter Talk members should also be aware that there is an anti-spam measure in place for this forum, so you will not be able to post a photo until you have created at least three posts.

If you don't have your own website, don't panic; (as of 2013) there are numerous photo sharing websites that you can use such as ImgurPhotoBucket, Flickr and ImageShack. Some are free to use, and some are easier than others to share photos with, so it's worth spending a little time exploring your options. At the moment (2013) Imgur is a good option as it is free and relatively simple to use. 
Two important notes on posting your photos here:

First,PLEASE make sure to resize the photos you're using to make them forum friendly. Using super large images for a forum post is not always a good idea as they take more time to load, can be more difficult to view, and can sometimes cause formatting issues. It's recommended that you restrict your images to a width of around 800 pixels.

Second, keep in mind that if you delete or move your photo from where you have it uploaded it will no longer appear in the forum (this is because the forum can no longer access where you had the photo stored).

In order to add a photo to your post here you will need to know the URL (internet address) of where you have uploaded it (Imgur for example), and follow the steps below. 

Step One: 
In the post that you are creating, click on the "Image" icon in the message toolbar. Note: The image icon may not appear if you're using the Quick Reply window, so when you want to add photos don't use the Quick Reply feature.

Step Two:
Type in or copy/paste your link address for the photo, and click on OK/Enter. Image sharing services typically provide numerous types of links, so be sure just to use the photo's URL address and not a line of HTML code. It should look something similar to the one used below and end with ".jpg".

Step Three:
Bingo! Your image is now embedded within your post. 

If you need more room to create your post, especially if it has photos in it, you can click on the 
full screen icon. When you're ready to submit your post just click on the icon again so you can
see the "Submit" button.

Actual photo URLs (link) should start with "http" and end with ".jpg".

For example, this is the URL for the photo below that Flickr provided. You need to delete the part in black and keep the part in
red. The part in red is what should appear in the Image dialogue box when you post the photo in this forum.



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There are a number of ways you can navigate and few the posts that have been created in the Typewriter Talk (TT) Forum. Through use you will quickly figure out which of these methods works best for you. This is a quick primer on some of the options you have when looking through the forum. An explanation of the icons used here is also included.

At the top right corner of the main forum screen you have the option to "Show new posts". Clicking on this will show a list of every new post that was created since the last time you logged in. It's important to log in with every visit if you want to keep track of what you've already read or what you've missed.

1. This icon shows that the thread is "Pinned" or that it's a "Sticky" thread. This means that the thread has been considered to be of more importance to members and it will always remain at the top of the list of threads in that sub-forum.

2. A talk bubble icon with a star in it indicates that there are new posts in this thread that you haven't yet read. Reading the post and then exiting the thread will remove the star.

3. You can click on a thread's title to be taken to the first post of a thread, OR you can click on the time stamp in the Last Post column to be taken directly to the most recent post in that thread.

At the very bottom left of the main forum screen are a number of viewing options:
1. Clicking on "Show recent" will provide you with a list of threads/posts that were created in the past 24 hours.
2. Clicking on "Unanswered" will create a list of all threads that have not yet been replied to.
3. You have the option to subscribe to (follow) a thread when viewing it. If you have done so, clicking on "Show your subscribed" will show a list of those subscribed threads.
4. Maybe you created a post that you wanted to go back to but forgot where in the forum it is. Click on "Show your posts" to see a list of every post you've created in the Typewriter Talk Forum.

1. Providing that you log in whenever you visit Typewriter Talk, any thread - or post within a thread - that you haven't read will be indicated by a star and the thread title will be bold.
2. A regular talk bubble and non-bolded title indicates that there's nothing new in that thread since you last visit.

The menu bar at the top of the screen has a number of important items.

1. Clicking on "Index" here, or anywhere else within the forum, will take you to the main forum overview screen.
2. You can search for keywords that appear within the forum. Let's say you wanted to see if anyone had mentioned the Olympia Monica. You could click on search and enter "Olympia Monica" to find out.
3. This is your personal message inbox. The forum allows you to send private messages (PM) to other members of the forum. If you have a message waiting an icon will appear here to show you how many unread messages you have.
4. Click on "My Profile" to change personal settings or to add an avatar (small picture) beside your member name.
5. Clicking here will log you out of the forum. I don't recommend using this unless you're on a public computer. If you log out, you will always need to log in again on your next visit. If you're using your own private computer I would suggest you log in and click on the option to stay logged in. That way with each visit you will automatically be logged in and many of the features described above will be in effect. 

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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We encourage members to post reviews of the machines that they own, but ask that they format such reviews using the following steps, not only because it will create and maintain a forum standard, but also because it will ensure that reviews are easily found within a sub-forum.

Please post your review in one of the four available sub-forums that best matches your machine type:
Early Typewriters
Electric Typewriters
Portable Typewriters
Standard Typewriters

Please title your review using this format: "REVIEW - Year, make, and model".
For expample, a heading for a review post would look like this: "REVIEW - 1946 Smith-Corona Sterling"

How you write your review and what you include in it is completely up to you; however, here are a few suggested headings that you can use to give the review some structure:
BACKGROUND - Where did you buy the machine, how much did you pay for it, what do you know about its history?
FEATURES - List the various features the machine is equipped with, in particular unusual features that might be unique to that model.
PERFORMANCE - How well does it work (qualify this with the condition the machine is in)? Describe its type action and how effective its various features perform.
PROS/CONS - Create a list of the pros and cons of the machine. What are the things that you most like and dislike about the typewriter?
RATING - You might feel inclined to rank the machine you're reviewing out of 10 (1 being the lowest) based on its overall strengths and weaknesses when compared to other typewriters that you've used. Would you recommend this machine to someone? Who would this machine appeal to?

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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Knowing and using the right terminology can be very important when discussing typewriters if you want others to understand what you're talking about. After all, calling something a "doohickey" or a "thingamajig" isn't very helpful when trying to describe a problem that you're experiencing with your typewriter.

To help breach the language barrier, we'll be adding a few glossaries in this post to help those new to typewriters identify the more common parts found on a machine.


The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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At the moment it is NOT possible to edit the content of a post once you have you clicked on the Submit button. For that reason, and due to the number of complaints made about this, we encourage you to proofread what you have typed before permanently committing your comments to the forum.

For mistakes that are more serious in nature than simple typos and grammatical errors, you can contact the forum moderator and request that a change be made to your existing post.

Why is editing not available?
This forum and the software used to run it is free; consequently it is very limited in its features, and in terms of post editing, the only option is to have editing fully on or off. Conversely, most internet forums use software that allows moderators to adjust the period of time that editing is available. For example, it could be set to 30 minutes, or two weeks, but rarely is it set to an infinite amount of time as is the only option here.

Typewriter Talk initially allowed editing, but it was decided to switch it off after it was discovered that there was some editing of extremely old posts going on. This may not make any sense to Typewriter Talk members, but from a moderation perspective, allowing completely open editing is a real nightmare and it can result in abuse of the forum, especially by clever spammers who can revisit a post a month after the fact and make changes that are likely to go unnoticed.

If that's the case, then why don’t you use different or better software like most other forums do?
Most other forums have advertising or some other revenue stream to support the cost of running it, which includes hosting fees and the cost of the software itself. Of course we would like to upgrade our forum to include many other features such as local photo hosting, but that would require that Typewriter Talk members pay to use the forum - and that isn't a very likely scenario.

Despite all of this we are constantly thinking of ways to improve the forum and to upgrade it, but in the meantime we politely ask that everyone keep in mind that this is a free platform, and that we should be happy that it offers as much as it does for what it costs.


The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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The left side of every post contains valuable information that should be reviewed before you reply to it.

This is important since it tells you how old the post is, and as a result lets you know if you're about to reply to something that is extremely old or very current. Reviving a very old thread can sometimes have its uses, especially if the information is a follow-up or updates what had been previously been discussed in the thread. However, most people don't realize how old a thread is, so when they resurrect a zombie thread their comments are either very outdated, or will never be replied to because the person who created the thread is no longer active in the forum. 

This is the user name that the member gave themselves when they registered, and the name that should be used when addressing them.

This name is a description only of a person's membership status and automatically changes to reflect the number of posts that the person has created. In other words, your membership status changes as your post count increases.

This information can be entered in your profile page. Although it isn't mandatory, we encourage members to enter their geographic location so that other members can interact with you on a more relevant level. Remember, Typewriter Talk is an international forum, and something that is commonplace for one person could easily be completely foreign to another.  

This is the date that the person joined Typewriter Talk and indicates how long they have been a member of the forum.

Clicking on this link will allow you to send that person a private message, an internal email message that only that person will be able to read.

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.
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