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21-11-2019 14:27:30  #31

Re: Which one: Olympia SF or Hermes Rocket?

Uwe wrote:

There was only one generation of the SF (two, arguably, if you count the DeLuxe) versus at least four generations of the Baby (Rocket), so which of these are you interested in for comparison?

Hi Uwe, there are at least two different SF's build. I have one form 1962 (beige with green platen knobs and shift keys) wich is equipped with the keyboard from the Splendid. My SF from 1969 (light and dark gray color scheme with the Olympia script logo in dark gray) has the keyboard of what later becomes the Traveller. Both machines do have a very different key action and at least the keyboards are mechanically different (you can tell the difference by comparing the shift-lock mechanisms).


21-11-2019 14:38:45  #32

Re: Which one: Olympia SF or Hermes Rocket?

I almost forgot, the first Travellers were called SF.
I see the following mechanical development in the Olympia ultra-portable line up:

1) First Splendid, with the MR-key at the 1-key position and the wire frame paper support
2) Second Splendid, with the MR-key near the shift-key and the normal paper support
3) Third Splendid, with redesigned margin system (transparent margin scale)
4) First SF with Splendid keyboard
5) Second SF with Traveller keyboard
6) Traveller


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