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24-2-2017 11:51:46  #1

Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

Limited post editing capabilities have now been added to the forum, but the new feature will need to be tested and confirmed, so I'm asking for a few members to help out with making sure it's working properly. 

If the system works as it should, you will now be able to edit your post for fifteen (15) minutes after you originally created it. This gives members plenty of time to read it over and correct any typos that might exist, or change wording that in retrospect wasn't so ideal.

The reasons why post editing should be limited to a small window of opportunity has been detailed in the FAQ thread, which will be updated once I've confirmed that this new feature is working properly.

Could a few members please use this thread to test the feature? Essentially I'd like you to post something and then edit that post a few minutes later, and then try to edit it again after a full fifteen minutes has elapsed. Please post the results of your tests here. Thanks!


24-2-2017 13:20:45  #2

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Test post:   1:20
Test edit 1: 1:22 (worked)
Test edit 2  1:25 (worked)
I will check back after fifteen mintutes, and try to edit.
1:42 Still letting me edit


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24-2-2017 14:02:48  #3

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

Made a post in the "Parts" section late last night (00:15:47). Was able to edit it just now (14:01:05). Considerably longer than 15 minutes.


24-2-2017 15:04:21  #4

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

Argh.... thank you for the help! Not good news, but at least something to work from.

After looking into it I had to deactivate the feature and will add this as another bug on the list being compiled in the new forum issues thread. Hopefully this will be fixed as I realize how important it is that everyone be able to edit their recent post.

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24-2-2017 17:26:22  #5

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

If I may add, While I don't think it is THE most important thing one can do on a public forum, I do think it will encourage more people to post responses knowing they can go back and make a change later/at any time, if they feel the situation warrants.
I have seen some other forums that allow unlimited editing that will include a statement attached to each edit that says " Edited by (the persons user name) on (such and such a date and time ) to say,"
I have always found this to be helpful and more reassuring when I might come back to a thread to find that someone has changed their mind on a subject but, they don't necessarily want to explain over and over why, and so on.
I guess that I also recall that feature on a site that allowed the moderators to edit or remove commentary that was found to be too inflammatory and that let everyone know who had made the edit.  


24-2-2017 18:46:35  #6

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

I was a moderator for many years in another forum that happened to be the world's largest (over 260,000 members) for a different hobby group, and my experiences there taught me a lot about how forums work. Allowing a limited window for editing is the best approach by far (it was also that other forum's policy), but unlimited (open) editing is a recipe for disaster. I have seen how easy it is in an open editing environment for someone to turn a long and interesting thread (topic) into utter nonsense because that person decided to change what they had previously written and thereby rendering replies to those post meaningless. I have also seen what damage can be done to a forum when someone maliciously decides to go back and edit their posts, or just outright delete all of the content from them. And from a moderation standpoint, open editing is a nightmare as it becomes impossible to manage a forum when old content remains fluid. Such a situation, for example, allows would-be spammers to sneak objectionable content into a post after it has been read by a moderator by simply editing the content of a very old post.

It would surprise me that any forum would allow open editing, because those that do must not be very concerned with its rules, combating spam, or the malicious actions of disgruntled members. 

I fully understand the need to be able to fix a mistake that you had just made in a recent post, or perhaps add something to it that only occurred to you after you had clicked on the post button, and that's what I would like everyone here to be able to do. However, at some point whatever you've written has to remain in the record if any integrity is to be maintained. Retroactively changing the nature of previously posted content, perhaps as a result of the comments of those replying to it, is not how life works, nor a reflection of reality, and I don't think such an approach is fundamentally good for a public forum.

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24-2-2017 23:15:48  #7

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

I'm looking forward to this feature. Thanks for considering it.


25-7-2021 16:04:11  #8

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

Following up on this 2017 Discussion to the present day in 2021.

Was it found that 15-minute editing was not workable/possible with the Forum software ?



27-7-2021 11:44:11  #9

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

The software isn't the issue, it's more a question of which features those who own the forum are willing to allow on a 'free' basis.

I'm willing to try the limited editing window again; as of now you have five (5) minutes to edit a post you created. I'd appreciate if a few members would try that feature out, and most importantly, see if they are able to edit their post after the five minute window has elapsed. Thanks.

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27-7-2021 14:38:41  #10

Re: Post Editing Now Available! (Disregard for now...)

I will start my "test" for this feature now.  It is 13:38 MST in the USA.

Fixture is my typo for feature. let me do an edit after 6-7 minutes of run-time...

Still letting me edit and add new text at 14:02 MST...

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