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18-5-2019 08:58:42  #191

Re: Possible Acquistions Thread

That’s a nice royal, though the price is pretty steep!!

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01-6-2019 12:24:53  #193

Re: Possible Acquistions Thread

A nice 1932 Triumph with Fraktur Typeface.  I've never seen the back of one so I was surprised to see the "yellow plexiglass insert on the back which gives the inside of the machine a beautiful glow when the sun is shining."  All in all, a good reason to buy a lottery ticket.


02-6-2019 12:39:18  #194

Re: Possible Acquistions Thread

noahwrote wrote:

A nice 1932 Triumph with Fraktur Typeface...

Typical Etsy. And yet another Fraktur model that someone is trying to flip for an obscene price. The fact that these regularly sell for $500-$800 CAD on eBay is crazy enough, but asking $2,000 CAD is just plain insane. The seller is obviously counting on a person who lights cigars with $100 bills to hand over the money.

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10-6-2019 09:50:38  #195

Re: Possible Acquistions Thread

An 1930's Yiddish typewriter made by the Barr-Morse Corporation. (Owned by John H. Barr, who played the "lead role in the revolutionary design for the first Remington portable typewriter." (See Robert Messenger's webpage ))


15-6-2019 17:18:10  #196

Re: Possible Acquistions Thread

An early (1910?) Corona 3 folding typewriter, with "Standard Folding Typewriter" in parentheses.  Not the greatest shape but no bids yet on $69.95 +$12.60 shipping ending in 1 day (Sunday the 16th).  The kicker? It's being sold from Groton, NY where it was originally built.  If you're looking for a well-travelled typewriter, this is probablly not the one!


19-6-2019 17:51:13  #197


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