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29-9-2017 14:53:01  #1

Need help with ribbon not advancing on Royal Quiet DeLuxe

I picked up a 1943 Royal De Luxe machine this week. Good shape, not much rust. A few of the keys stuck but some cleaning helped there.

I put in a new ribbon to test the type, and noticed that the ribbon would advance a few turns as I typed but then it would stop and the ribbon direction switch would gradually bounce over to the other side. If I spin the spools by hand, after a few rotations the one on the right seems to freeze up.

Any suggestions? I'm wondering if the tension setting needs adjustment or if I'll need to take it apart, or if it's just shot. But I haven't done enough of this work to know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.


10-10-2019 14:53:35  #2

Re: Need help with ribbon not advancing on Royal Quiet DeLuxe

I recently had this same problem and found a way to fix it. The ribbon reverse mechanism involves a rod with toothed wheels on both ends. This rod shifts left and right with the ribbon reverse lever. If the toothed wheels are not aligned with the cogs that turn the ribbon spool spindles, the ribbon won't reverse. The toothed wheels have small set screws that can be loosened so they can be moved to align with the spindle cogs. There are two pieces associated with each toothed wheel.  You have to moved both of them together.  You have to adjust, then test, then adjust, etc.

I the ribbon is not moving at all, check the PhoenIx Typewriter's YouTube video:


10-10-2019 15:46:29  #3

Re: Need help with ribbon not advancing on Royal Quiet DeLuxe

The first thing to check is to see that the ribbon is running off the spools in the correct direction. That is usually what has happened when I see that the ribbon only runs an inch or two before the spools stop turning. There might be arrows printed on the spool base or you might find a user's manual to help you. Good luck with your find.

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