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19-11-2018 23:19:55  #1

Skipping Underwood

 I am a new member to Typewriter Talk -- and a relatively new typewriter user.  I was gifted my Great Aunt's 1951 Underwood Rhythm Touch Deluxe.  Although she had stored it carefully for the past 40 years... I sent it out for a thorough cleaning and tune-up by one of (the only?) remaining typewriter repair guy in Toronto.  I am not exactly sure what he did ... but it seems to work reasonably well and I have been using it every few days for the past few months. Trouble it is randomly skips. The repair man said it was an operator problem, i.e. learn to type.  But I also own a Royal, a Smith Corona and an Ollivetti -- which I type on, and they don't skip. There seems to be no regular pattern or consistency to the skipping.   Could it have something to do with "escapement"? and can this be adjusted to resolve the problem?   Many thanks for sharing your typewriter wisdom.


05-12-2018 21:23:29  #2

Re: Skipping Underwood

Spud, I probably know less about typewriters than you do, but it's possible that you can find the answer to your problem in a repair manual if you hunt around.  There are some links here: and more here: and still more, here:  The last link takes you to more modern stuff, and may have more up-to-date information for a 1950s Underwood, especially if you scroll down through the index to specific makes of typewriter.  Best of luck to you!


06-12-2018 21:18:13  #3

Re: Skipping Underwood

I have had some success fixing minor skipping problems by simply oiling the escapement area (with gun oil). Get a wooden toothpick or fondue skewer and dip the end in oil so it retains a drop. Then reach in to the area of the star wheel where the dogs are and put a drop on everything that looks like it is supposed to move. Then give the typewriter a week's worth of exercise typing out pages. The problem with skipping is usually that the dogs are moving slowly because of being dried up, or because someone oiled them with petroleum oil a while ago and that got gummy. The exercises cause vibration that helps the gun oil move into all of the bearing surfaces. It's worth a first try since it doesn't involve adjusting things that might well be already correctly adjusted. And it usually doesn't require any, or very little, disassembly.

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11-12-2018 18:57:59  #4

Re: Skipping Underwood

Thanks, that might help me too. 


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