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04-3-2019 12:34:31  #1

1930 Royal P with Vogue: decisions

Hello typewriter collectors,

I'm Charles. I collect pre-War machines mostly as a user, and therefore try to keep the accumuation at a minimum. At the moment I have two Royal P machines, both 1930 models. One (which I intend to keep) is the basic black one with Pica 10-pitch. The other is a serendipitous Craigslist find, bearing the mahogany woodgrain finish and, after I got it to go, Vogue type.

I'm trying to get rid of the Royal Vogue portable and a 1920 Woodstock 5. How much do you think the Vogue-equipped machine might sell for, considering it is in about a 75% condition--absolutely beautiful but unused in decades?

The only one I have seen sell was one on eBay which sold for $650. It was green DuoTone finished and looked very nice, but I think all the Model P Royals look nice--and type nicely too.

Also, if anyone wants it, let me know.


04-3-2019 19:15:00  #2

Re: 1930 Royal P with Vogue: decisions

Location? Your guess is as good as anyone's in terms of what you could get for the machine. There are those who go nuts over a typeface and will pay a ridiculous (by my standards) amount for such a machine, and then there are collectors such as myself who aren't willing to pay much of a premium at all for such a feature because they do turn up, just like it did for you.

The ruby red Royal P that I own with a Vogue typeface cost me around $125 CDN, but I wasn't very happy with myself for spending that much. 

My advice would be to ask for the moon (think eBay or Etsy pricing) and see what kind of offers you get. 

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06-3-2019 17:45:38  #3

Re: 1930 Royal P with Vogue: decisions

I agree with Uwe, the machine is worth what the buyer is ready to pay, lately a lot for this typeface. 650 seems to be ridiculous to me, but in the other hand I will be happy to pay 125 for one if I can resell it for 6 times that price! So yes, for 125, I want it! lol  


26-3-2019 11:36:39  #4

Re: 1930 Royal P with Vogue: decisions


After thinking about what to do, I decided to do it. The machine went on eBay for $550 last night and sold this morning for asking price.

Who knew an old typewriter could be worth so much?

Thanks to everyone who responded--you guys seem to have a lot of luck hunting machines. And since I like the style of these early Royals,  I'm keeping my black Royal P with Pica type.

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Re: 1930 Royal P with Vogue: decisions



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Re: 1930 Royal P with Vogue: decisions

Nice!  I’ve been on the hunt for a royal Vogue for ages.  I’ve seen the, go for as much as 1,000USD.
Personaly I’d never spend so much.

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