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07-9-2019 21:50:25  #1

Inexpensive Desk Alternatives

I was reading

about the IKEA desk and it sounded like a good idea until I saw that they cost $179 US. I'm way too poor to spend that much on a desk. Someday I will find a nice old wooden typewriter desk but until then...

Surely someone has come up with a great idea for an inexpensive typewriter desk, some recycled or repurposed something that works and doesn't look horrible.  I think a person could even build a serviceable platform for $20-30 US, How about: Cut a few inches off the legs of a wooden desk? Nah, I bet there wouldn't be enough leg room left. How about a sewing machine cabinet?   People almost give those away.
I'll bet that would work. You might have to cut away the front  panel where the machine was to make room for your legs. Most sewing machines are a little higher than desks, so you'd have cut at least 3-4" off the legs. They are also quite solid and sturdy, (at least with the machine in them) and some are pretty funky looking and writing-worthy, or even attractive.

I may have answered my own question here but I'd be interested to hear thoughts on it or your other ideas,



08-9-2019 10:30:03  #2

Re: Inexpensive Desk Alternatives

If you're talking about a vintage table I guess it would depend on its design. The one I have has ornate wooden legs that couldn't be cut down. A lot of others use metal legs that also would be difficult to alter.

I'd suggest checking your local ads daily; in my area there are always vintage typewriter desks being offered, and sometimes for free. The small metal ones with folding wings are always around too. Assuming you live in an urban area I'm sure that with some patience you'll find something interesting at a next-to-nothing price. I'm curious to see what you end up with so keep us posted, .

Stay Safe! 

08-9-2019 14:53:25  #3

Re: Inexpensive Desk Alternatives

Yes of course I mean something with wooden legs that can be cut down for repurposing. I'm short so I need a lower surface-a higher chair would not work for me. I also live in a small city <100K so real typewriter desks only come up once in a while, and they are usually priced similar to the IKEA in that other thread as "antiques". Most of the typewriters are overpriced too, and I think a lot of them just get tossed when the seller can't get $75 for that old pile of antique rust.

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