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06-1-2020 20:24:25  #1

Difference Between 1941 Streamliner and 1930s Remington 5?


I'm very new to manual typewriters, but old enough to have written on them in my youth.  I'm buying either a Remington 5 or a Streamliner, both fully functioning and restored by two different professionals.  Mostly (almost entirely) it's for display in my office where I'm writing a book and lots of other things.

They both look very cool but just wondered if the one is more rare than the other, or how to decide between the two.  The price is a little different (Streamliner is a bit more) but that doesn't matter as much as understanding what I'm buying.

I'm open to any and all info and happy to provide more information if necessary.

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06-1-2020 21:43:24  #2

Re: Difference Between 1941 Streamliner and 1930s Remington 5?

I have a 1947 Remington Rand Model 5 deluxe, and the Streamliner sure looks just like it except the Model 5 has crinkle paint.  I guess the Streamliner's glossy black finish makes it look older.  Whether that is a plus or minus I don't know.


07-1-2020 14:25:11  #3

Re: Difference Between 1941 Streamliner and 1930s Remington 5?

It doesn't look like there's a way to upload photos, or I'd do so, but the Remington 5 is from 1936 and the Streamliner is 1941. The write up says that the Streamliner was only made in '41 and '42, so I'm wondering if that makes it more valuable.  It's a couple hundred more on 2 sites I looked at.  I'm curious how to decide between the two if anyone can help.

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08-1-2020 14:24:53  #4

Re: Difference Between 1941 Streamliner and 1930s Remington 5?

[regarding photos: Typewriter Talk FAQ - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!]

The Streamliner was produced outside of just those two years and there was even a plastic-bodied Streamliner model sold during the early '60s. Are there fewer '40s Streamliners around compared to other Remington portables of that era? Sure, but I wouldn't go so far as to describe them as being rare. Rare is a word that is often abused by typewriter sellers, and even some collectors. I certainly wouldn't pay anything more for one, not when there are other comparable models available for a reasonable price.

I have no idea where you're located, so in terms of cost it's difficult to comment on what a "couple of hundred more" means. And if the typewriter is predominantly going to be a display unit why are you even looking at "professionally" restored models?

There's no need to spend more than CAD$50 for a shelf typewriter, and even at that price you should - with a little patience - be able to find one that is aesthetically pleasing and in good working order. Typewriter pricing, at least in my area, is artificially high at the moment because of the number of middlemen who buy them cheap, give them a spit and polish (some even claim this is professional restoration), and then flip them for a crazy price.

The prices are not reflective of their true worth, and the only people buying them are those who don't know better. Of course a truly restored machine from an actual professional is worth much more, and you can argue paying that premium if the machine will get a lot of use - and it's one of few that you'll ever own.


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08-1-2020 14:37:28  #5

Re: Difference Between 1941 Streamliner and 1930s Remington 5?

Thanks for the reply, Uwe.  Yeah, I'm talking about the high gloss, art deco Streamliner series that was only made in '41-'42.  At least that's what the databases say.  Yes, there was a later, ugly plastic model redone in the 60s, but I'm referring to the one I linked to.

I'm not too worried about getting the cheapest deal as this is a gift I've been promised by my wife on TWO different Christmases!  SHE is paying for this one and so I don't mind paying a premium for a professionally restored machine that shines and is easy to type on.

Dan Puls (who had the Remmington 5) is one of the dealers I'm working with and Scott @ the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe (with the Streamliner) is the other.  There seems to be some rivalry out there, but I imagine they're both pros at what they do and proceed with that assumption.

Have others here purchased from either and had good (or bad) experiences?

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