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14-4-2020 13:24:11  #1

Type quality Erika 12

Hello all,

In order to get an even, dark print I need to type with quite a lot of force.
The picture below shows the difference between light and heavy typing.
Does anybody know if this is normal for the Erika 12?



14-4-2020 14:31:09  #2

Re: Type quality Erika 12

Definitely not normal for any typewriter.

Moved your question to the Repairs & Maintenance sub-forum where someone should be able to provide some of the more common reasons for faint type.

Stay Safe! 

14-4-2020 14:56:44  #3

Re: Type quality Erika 12

Thank you Uwe.

It would be nice if I could do something about the matter, I hope someone can point me the right direction. 
The Erika 12 is an interesting machine, and I would love to get it in optimal condition.


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18-4-2020 04:57:32  #4

Re: Type quality Erika 12

I moved the carriage as far as possible towards the type slugs.
This improved the matter a little, however, some type slugs still barely hit the platen.
This got me thinking.

The platen has almost no type impressions on it.
The typewriter accepts 7 sheets of paper with ease.
Could this be a platen made for working with a lot of carbon copies?

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27-4-2020 14:17:13  #5

Re: Type quality Erika 12

My question is how old is the ribbon?  A dry ribbon may be requiring a lot of force to make a mark.

Does it type better with 7 sheets of paper in it?
Are the slugs puncturing a single sheet when you are striking hard enough to get clear letters?


27-4-2020 14:36:18  #6

Re: Type quality Erika 12

Thank you  PCC322. I have now solved the problem. By tilting the carriage a little towards the type slugs, they now perfectly hit the platen.

I tried this before, but it resulted in a loud rattling sound when moving the carriage. Somehow this time I got it right

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