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26-4-2020 19:30:58  #1

the beauty of the Everest K2 typewriter.

Amidst a bad reputation, which I was totally unaware of when I acquired my first Everest K2 typewriter.  A beautiful sea-foam green cursive model in near mint condition.  I soon found out why the good price, problems with the ribbon vibrator had me confused for a while but I soon got it figured out.  Now it's one of my best loved machines.  It stays in the kitchen, a beauty to look at, both me and my wife type love letters to each other, and shopping lists, ect... Whatever excuse we can make an excuse to type on it.  True it's not as snappy as one of my SC silents, but the feel is solid and robust.  Also, the Everest is one of the best designed typewriters for ease of maintenance I have ever worked on.  I can remove the carriage with two small clips, and the covers pulls off in similar fashion.  Whoever designed the K2 did so with typewriter maintenance in mind.  I have collected two more K2's, one posted for sale on Etsy, the other still desperately seeking a few key parts.


27-4-2020 12:55:40  #2

Re: the beauty of the Everest K2 typewriter.

Bad reputation? That's complete news to me! 

I'm also a fan of the K2. It's a nice portable to use, a great design, and one of the often overlooked models. The only slightly odd thing is its twin peaks name.

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27-4-2020 13:09:15  #3

Re: the beauty of the Everest K2 typewriter.

Not sure where I saw the reference to a bad reputation, but I did see it just recently.  I think the criticism was on it's typing action.  I'm like you, I have no problem with typing on my Everest K2, it's a nice machine, yes the action is a little heavier than some of my other typewriters, but not any more than most of my other typewriters of the same era.

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23-6-2020 14:38:37  #4

Re: the beauty of the Everest K2 typewriter.

I do not own one and have never had a chance to see one in person.

So what is the function of the little design/feature along the bottom of the back panel, below the cast-in typewriter brand name... ?


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