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29-4-2020 20:55:34  #1

Lucky Curb Find

I was out for a walk in the neighborhood with my with this evening.  While we were headed home we took a turn to keep social-distance from another group.  We walked past a couch and some shelves on a curb we had passed a few days earlier.  Today I looked down into the shelf and spotted a familiar looking holiday case.  Long story short, it was this:

Took it home, wiped it off and looked it over.  Everything looks good, very clean inside, all keys work and have plenty of snap to them.  All the rubber is good.  The ribbon is dry but is on metal spools.  The case did a good job of protecting from the rain yesterday.  Looks just like my Desert Sand Silent-Super and maybe in better shape.


30-4-2020 01:14:35  #2

Re: Lucky Curb Find

Incredible. Top of the line Smith-Corona in its day, and left for garbage today. Some people have all the luck! 

Stay Safe! 

10-9-2020 08:15:10  #3

Re: Lucky Curb Find

Great find.


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