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07-5-2020 11:06:39  #1

Silver reed 500


I recently received a silver reed 500 typewriter as a gift, and decided to make a project of repainting the plastic pieces to give it some new life. I have successfully removed all but one pieces on the left hand side. It seems like I need to remove the left platen knob in order to remove this piece, but have been unable to do so. I have tried twisting it like it has said on other forums for other typewriters but nothing is budging. Would be really grateful for any advice/help.




07-5-2020 11:14:23  #2

Re: Silver reed 500

Hi Maya. Congratulations on the typewriter and welcome to the forum.

I've moved your post to the Repairs and Maintenance sub-forum, which is the appropriate place to get help with your question. Good luck on the repaint.

Stay Safe! 

07-5-2020 16:10:06  #3

Re: Silver reed 500

The platen knob has a LEFT HAND THREAD.  That is why you haven't been able to unscrew it !  Be careful because it screws into a plastic insert in the end of the platen.  If you break the insert free by trying to unscrew the knob in the wrong direction, you will be in deep trouble !


08-5-2020 09:06:25  #4

Re: Silver reed 500

Thank you very much for the response. Does this mean I should turn it anti-clockwise or clockwise? I am a complete novice to typewriters!

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08-5-2020 15:12:41  #5

Re: Silver reed 500

With a normal thread the rule is 'Righty Tighty - Leftie Loosy'.   With a left hand thread it is the exact opposite, so to loosen the knob, turn it Clockwise.


08-5-2020 15:50:21  #6

Re: Silver reed 500

Thank you so much! It worked!

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