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09-7-2020 08:36:08  #1

Oliver 3. Removing left hand platen knob......

Hello people,
I have been gradually bringing an Oliver 3 back to life from a very poor condition. Its looking a lot better now and even types ok (considering its original state!).
Now what i need to know is, how do i remove the left hand platen knob? The reason for doing this is that the internal spring has either completely flattened or broken to pieces, either way it is no longer working, so i need to get inside the contraption and replace it.
Any help would be appreciated as i do not want to attack this and cause more damage if possible.
Thanks very much,


14-7-2020 04:45:59  #2

Re: Oliver 3. Removing left hand platen knob......

So it appears that i'm not the only one having problems trying to work out how to remove the platen knobs. There are holes in the knob, but they are not screws and as they do not continue right the way through the knob i can't see that they are split pins that can be pulled out!!
There is probably a stupidly simple answer, but i can't see it right now.
Again, any help, ideas would be appreciated,

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